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Nicole Cama

Professional historian
My aim is to engage and inspire audiences with stories from the past in creative ways…
Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash
Nicole Cama

Nicole Cama

Professional historian, curator, content strategist

I’m a professional historian who specialises in social and public history, and have worked on numerous history projects for the City of Sydney, Dictionary of Sydney, IP Australia and more.

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What I do



Investigate and collate historical sources photographs, archival material, oral histories, books  on a particular topic, individual, place or time.



Organise and interpret historical evidence, critically assessing its reliability and significance.



Create engaging historical narratives for a wide audience based on research and analysis of evidence.



Publish or present historical narratives across a number of formats such as online, print, broadcast, in person.

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Nicole is a highly regarded consulting historian who works with and for a range of diverse history and community organisations and museums. Her outputs are produced to a very high standard, she is professional and prompt in her communications, never misses deadlines and she pays excellent attention to detail.

Associate Professor Tanya Evans

Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations, Macquarie University

In my many dealings with Nicole since 2013, I have found her articulate, innovative, well organised, and a superb researcher and writer with an excellent track record in meeting deadlines. She also has particularly strong social media skills. She is always pleasant to deal with. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Nicole as an historical consultant.

Emeritus Professor David Carment AM

Former President, History Council of NSW


Sydney’s wining and dining evolution

Today any bar or restaurant in Sydney offers an extensive wine list and array of scrumptious dishes from around the world. But it hasn’t always been so.

Waverley Cemetery’s burlesque star

Waverley Cemetery is the resting place of many well known people, but one person has largely been forgotten in the history books – Maggie Oliver.

Thoughts from Audiocraft 2018

Audiocraft included two days of talks and workshops covering the best in audio production. I’ve come away with a range of ideas.

Colonial neighbours: Reynolds’ cottages

Reynolds’ cottages on Harrington Street, The Rocks have survived for 187 years! I spoke about them on 2SER for the Dictionary of Sydney.

“I challenge you sir!” – Duelling in colonial Sydney

Did you know a duel took place in a field in Homebush one morning in March 1827? I spoke about duelling in colonial Sydney this morning on 2SER Breakfast.

NAIDOC 2016 – Sydney’s Aboriginal people

NAIDOC 2016 is in full swing and the Dictionary of Sydney recently published new articles about two interesting characters from Sydney’s Aboriginal past – Carangarang and Willemering.

Kate Leigh: ‘the Sly-Grog Queen’

The Dictionary of Sydney has some fascinating new articles including one on the famous ‘the Sly-Grog Queen’ and ‘worst woman in Sydney’ – Kate Leigh.

Sydney’s wild weather

Wild weather just hit Sydney and images captured by awestruck residents have dominated the news. I spoke with Jamie on 2SER about Sydney’s stormy past.

Constance Kent: The ‘murderess’

In 1929, 85-year-old Sydney nurse and public servant Ruth Emilie Kaye confessed to murdering her three-year-old brother. Her real name was Constance Kent.

The Ultimo World War I Roll of Honour

For decades a World War I honour board lay in the attic of an Ultimo church. It features 36 names. These are their stories.

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